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Turning the self-storage industry on its head

We want to change the way you think about self-storage by utilizing a community marketplace for the storage of your cherished goods and items. We do this by using non-traditional spaces – making space accessible and storage affordable for everyone.

Connecting Space Seekers with Space Traders

Spacelli connects people looking for space with locals who rent out their unused space.

Spacelli insurance - we've got you covered

We’ve thought of everything to make your storage experience simply the world’s best. Sleep easy! Spacelli has top rated insurance coverage for our users.

We know our verified Space Traders take the upmost care and consideration when looking after your goods and items using local, secure and safe spaces in their homes and garages. However, we also recognize that sometimes not everything in life goes to plan. That’s why Spacelli via our top rated insurance partners have policies in place to protect our users and their goods for the entire storage period including in-transit.

When you use Spacelli for self-storage, rest assured that our Space Traders are covered by a $10 million Liability Insurance policy placed by Lloyd’s approved coverholder Savannah Insurance Agency Pty Ltd. Also sleep easy knowing all your goods in storage and whilst in-transit are protected from loss, theft or damage by a CGU Insurance policy up to $50,000 Storage & Transit Insurance.

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Why Spacelli?


Space is all around us but is underutilized and can be inaccessible.


You no longer have to pay exorbitant storage fees.


Your goods and items have value beyond their utility.

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Time to tidy up your home, office or garage?

Get the assistance you need in a friendly and empathetic way. It’s like a personal trainer for the health of your living space.

Spacelli gives you access to local experts who are Professional Organisers that can assist you with decluttering your space.

We are so confident that you’ll love the service – the first consultation booked via Spacelli is free! Experience the life changing magic of tidying up for yourself today.

Meet one of our partner consultants, Nella.

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The sharing economy = the next industrial revolution?

A global consciousness has awoken within all of us that was lost for a long time. We are somehow now more connected through technology and our own shared experiences. We can monetize our passions, create individual enterprise and we have the freedom to embrace micro entrepreneurship on our own terms. Collaborative consumption is gaining momentum. Doing more with less and finding access over ownership is succeeding. Being sustainable and caring for each other and our environment is winning. If the sharing economy is to be the next industrial revolution it really needs to touch the hearts of the mainstream - this is the vision we hold for Spacelli.

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